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Add a “Help Line” to your Policies and Procedures

There is a simple and powerful step you can take to dramatically increase the usefulness of your standard operating procedures, Operations Manuals, and Employee manuals.  You can make it easy for employees to get help or ask questions by adding a Help Line.   If you build a “Help Line” into your procedures and you will boost in employees’  willingness to use and follow your company’s standard procedures.  It’s important to always remember that most people turn to the Procedure manual in two situations:  when they don’t know what to do or when they are having a problem.  Plan for that and you’ll get better results.
With Zavanta software you get two really easy ways to make your Policies and Procedures do more for your employees:
1) Put a HELP button in every document.  Need_Help_button

Just select this option in the Master Style, and you can add a HELP button with an e-mail link behind it to every document.  
When  employees needs help, they can just click the button and send an email directly to a person who can field questions, provide more insight and assistance on a particular topic, policy or procedure.  
2) Build a contact point for your Subject Matter Experts directly into your policies and procedures.
Our Zavanta customers often include a “SUBJECT EXPERT” section in their web-enabled systems. This enables users from anywhere in the world to contact the “expert” on the subject and ask questions, brainstorm ideas, etc.  You can add this field to any Content Overlay and pull up a Pick List with the Subject Experts for any topic area.  
To learn more, visit the COMPROSE Video Gallery or ask for a live Zavanta Tour.