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Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management Software

Getting "know-how" integrated into operations

Experts estimate that when employees leave with key knowledge in their heads, it costs an organization 25-35 times their annual salaries (in hiring and re-training costs, work disruption and lost productivity) to replace the knowledge they take with them.

Successful Knowledge Management (KM) means that working knowledge at all levels stays within the organization. There is minimal disruption when key people leave whether for vacation, sick leave, retirement or through force reductions and downsizing.

Many organizations never achieve KM ROI because they don't have a systematic way to capture experts' working knowledge and transform it into something others can use. Emails, static documents, WIKIs are too random, inefficient. In person communication doesn't scale.   

Zavanta is the most effective, complete solution for knowledge transfer. 

We have helped our customers:

  • Easily capture the know-how of their star performers
  • Knock down silos within their organization
  • Bridge the gap between "official" policies and what employees actually do everyday
  • Reduce "turf" wars that block progress and drain energy
  • Protect institutional knowledge

Knowledge Integration

Leverage the know-how of employees
to get things done.


Essential features for knowledge management.

Stop forcing your experts to stare at a blank screen. Zavanta's structured authoring wizard prompts SMEs, asking them questions so that all the right information is captured, in the right order, ensuring nothing is left out. 

Auto-generate a searchable Knowledge Hub without IT resources.   

Give users quick search and various navigational paths. Organize information in a variety of ways: by division, standard, process and more.

Link resident experts to employees.

Make sure everyone knows what to do.

Zavanta helps managers assess comprehension and enables employees to provide feedback.

  • Track which employees have read and understand policies and procedures with Read Verify
  • Give supervisors insights into where their employees need help with feedback surveys and document ratings
  • Create tests and quizzes, set pass/fail rules, report results to management in real time

Discover what Zavanta can do for you.