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Policy Management


Policy Management Software

Streamline the complete policy management life cycle.

Because clear policies help management apply consistent standards across the organization, policy management is essential for operations, compliance, and risk management.

In most organizations, over time, policy content has been cobbled together and evolveds in a haphazard manner. So, when a new law or major change comes along, the company reinvents the wheel. Or, one area of the company has developed content that could be repurposed, but no one in the other departments knows about it. 

In recent years the need for effective policy management has skyrocketed. Hundreds of document management providers have emerged with similar features.

Zavanta stands alone as the only solution that combines automation features with the tools to ensure consistent, high-quality content and a better user experience.  

Zavanta has helped organizations across all industries: 

  • Provide a consistent, effective authoring interface for policy creators
  • Connect people to the procedures for how to carry out policies
  • Automate versioning, tracking, reviews and sign-offs
  • Monitor and report usage analytics 
  • Make policies more accessible; break through the limitations of static document approaches

Consistent policy creation, review, attestation

One solution.


Essential features for compliance.

Zavanta's structure helps you helps you avoid common mistakes such as embedding procedure information in policy documents. (Auditors and regulators don't like that.) 

  • Automate all phases from authoring to reviews to publishing with workflows. See where any document is in the flow, where reviews are stuck, and much more in Control Central.
  • Link compliance and accreditation standards to related SOPs and policies.

Publish Policies to a searchable web portal.
No IT needed.

  • Track which employees have read and understand policies and procedures with Read Verify
  • Create tests and quizzes, set pass/fail rules, report results to management in real time
  • Monitor usage results and report analytics to auditors
  • Engage users by embedding feedback tools into each policy


Discover what Zavanta can do for you.