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Create a Policy and Procedure system people want to use.

Keeping employees trained and operating the right way is essential for success.

Unfortunately most organizations spend thousands of dollars creating policy and procedure documents -- formatted 100 different ways -- that no one uses!  Managing them is tough, especially at scale.  And, if you are regulated, you have to be able to prove that people read and understand essential policies and procedures.

Better document management and automation tools only solve part of the problem. 

Zavanta is the only solution that combines automation with the tools to ensure consistent, high-quality content and a better user experience.

Zavanta is the new standard for Policy and Procedure communication:

  • Create policy and procedure content that is always clear, consistent, and complete. Eliminate redundancies.
  • Deliver content across channels: mobile, web, print, manuals -- without re-formatting
  • Maintain a single source of truth. Changes can reflect everywhere immediately 
  • Monitor policy and procedure usage with dashboards
  • Automate and control the complete life cycle without IT
"SharePoint gave us no help in developing the policy and procedure documents. We wanted a more complete solution; one that would help us document our policies and procedures and provide better change management.”
Mahlon Meier, Senior Compliance Analyst
Colonial Savings

The new standard for Policy & Procedures

Why employees and regulators love
Zavanta Policy and Procedure Software. 


Structured Authoring

Policies and Procedures are consistent, error-free

If you're like most organizations, your Policy and Procedure content is a scattered mess of files in various formats. Especially at scale, ad hoc decentralized content creation doesn't work. 

Zavanta is the modern way to capture and communicate operations knowledge. Zavanta's research-based authoring interface prompts authors for all the right information, in the right order, ensuring nothing is left out. 

structured authoring interface

Robust workflow automation

Policy / Procedure life cycle streamlined.

Workflows automate tasks together across all phases: authoring, reviews, publishing, versioning and notifications. Zavanta gives you visibility to the entire process; you can see where any document is in the flow. 

  • Create scheduled campaigns for employee attestation
  • Notify key managers when a policy or procedure comes up for review
  • Automate versioning, rollback to prior versions, archive past versions. Track all changes.
life cycle phases

Go Digital

Any organization can have a Policy and Procedure Knowledge Hub without IT.

Business users can create and maintain an online portal on their own. Key features include:  

  • Built-in search
  • Employee read verification
  • Linkage between policies and procedures
  • Videos, podcasts, FAQs
  • SOPs linked into other applications
Bank branch operations portal.

Testing, Surveys

Are people using Policies and SOPs?  Now you'll know.

You can easily test employees on any topic and attach surveys to any policy or procedure.  Zavanta's Dashboard Analytics let you see statistics including:

  • Popular search terms
  • Most frequently accessed policy or procedure
  • Read verify results
  • Testing results
  • User ratings for policies, SOPs


user looking at analytics reports on their laptop

Zavanta Use Cases

One Policy and Procedure platform.
Limitless possibilities.

Drive a higher ROI with a system that can be leveraged across multiple departments, teams, and initiatives. Below are just a few examples.

Security policies and procedures on a tablet

You can use Zavanta to document cybersecurity policies and procedures. Zavanta's structured authoring makes it easy for your experts to share their know-how, without all the hassles of clerical formatting required with conventional documents.

Incorporate quizzes to test employees' comprehension.

Use the published policies and procedures in employee training sessions. Organize and link policies and procedures to standards.

Portal home page showing a Code of Conduct video

Use Zavanta to create your own "Code of Conduct" portal. Employees can access policies and procedures on their mobile devices.

Include Read Verify so that you can ensure employees have read and understand important policies. Managers can track and monitor attestation. 

Incorporate situational videos into policies and procedures to make training more engaging. 

Employee reviewing a policy on their computer.

Onboard new employees, keep existing employee fresh on updated procedures and best practices.

Create Position Guides that include everything the employee needs to do their job including FAQs and a Company Dictionary. 

Connect them with your resident subject experts by including contact links in policies and SOPs.

Portal Home page for application SOPs.

Use Zavanta to document SOPs for your commonly used applications. Organize them by application, department, business process in your Employee Portal. 

With Zavanta, you can link "how to" instructions directly into work. Employees have easy access to the SOPs they need at the moment they are performing the task. One click, no searching! Link standards, policies and SOPs into your LMS. Insert SOPs into HR and CRM systems. 


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