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- Case Study -

Facility Services Solutions

Zavanta Software aligns with corporate digital transformation strategy. 

Discover how a Facility Services Solutions Provider uses Zavanta Software to align with corporate digital transformation strategy.   


It’s nice to work for a company that wants to embrace the technology that is out there. Instead of saying, “Well, we’ve always done it this way.”  


Our Client

Facilities Services Solution Provider

Our featured client is one of the world’s largest providers of facility services and solutions. Their comprehensive services include janitorial, engineering, parking, electrical and lighting, energy and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, HVAC and mechanical, and landscape and turf.  

They have over 100,000 employees in more than 20 international locations. They leverage award-winning workforce automation technologies to drive efficiency in thousands of physical assets they service and maintain. They provide support across more than ten service areas in more than 15 industries.  

Business Challenge

The executive leadership team launched a company-wide focus on analytics and digital transformation. The initiative has a dedicated implementation team and three pillars:

  • Elevate the client experience.
  • Elevate the employee experience.
  • Elevate the use of tech and data.

Zavanta is playing an important role in supporting all three pillars. Our client uses Zavanta to capture its operating policies and procedures and deliver them to its workforce as an engaging digital experience, not as old-fashioned documents in binders.

It’s nice to work for a company that wants to embrace the technology that is out there. Instead of saying, “Well, we’ve always done it this way.” Our client’s Document Control Manager handles all things Zavanta. They train new contributors on the functionality of Zavanta for document creation, review, and approval. They also assist in copying documents from other systems (Teams, Word, SharePoint) into Zavanta.

They run Zavanta Analytics (Users by Job Function and Group, Page Views, Unique Visitors, Documents by Status and Groups, Most Viewed, Monthly Feedback) at the end of each month. Zavanta’s reporting provides actionable data to support higher engagement levels among users and senior leadership. It’s used for regular presentations, and road shows to various departments and industry groups. 

The Solution: Zavanta

Zavanta is the cloud-based policy and procedure system that provides the backbone to the single source of understanding for business processes, policies, practices, and work instructions.

  • Documents are interconnected and cross-referenced so that employees have access to all the information they need to perform work.
  • Guided authoring and standard templates for each type of document (Policy, practice, work instructions, checklist, FAQs, etc.) with standardized lists of acronyms and definitions.
  • Efficient and consistent document numbering and naming conventions.
  • Auditable and automated review/approval workflows to ensure document accuracy.
  • Version control and revision management to track changes and ensure employees always have the “latest and greatest.”
  • Read/Verify campaigns to notify employees of new or improved processes while tracking acknowledgment.
  • Data analytics to track employee engagement and identify where people may need help.
  • Flexibility to accommodate industry, business unit, group, or function customization needs. 

The Results

Our client has successfully gained the support of the executive leadership team. They actively support the initiative, link Zavanta to the corporate digital transformation strategy, and encourage subject matter experts to participate.  

The focus is now on adding documents, increasing the number of users, increasing user engagement, and including Zavanta metrics in department KPIs. 

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