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Operations Mapping™

A proven way to systemize operations, compliance, and profitability

Operations Mapping Training

Giving employees access to clear policies and “your best way” – at the moment they need it -- is a must-have for profitability, compliance, and an empowered workforce. Your systems must be visible and usable. Sounds good in theory, right? Unfortunately, this is a struggle for most organizations because conventional approaches fall short. ​

That's why we invented a step-by-step, foolproof formula. Operations Mapping training teaches you how to build a process – procedure - policy system intentionally designed to produce the results you need. ​

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Operations Mapping Drill Down


A different approach and mindset.

Operations Mapping is not about tired old documenting approaches or writing up some policies and procedures from stream of consciousness. It’s not about checking off a box or operations manuals that never get used. ​

It’s about making a real difference in your organization by enabling people to do their jobs the best way. For example, instead of writing software change management procedures, why not design a rock-solid “Change Management System” that truly aligns IT with your business users? ​

Each person has a repeatable system to follow that is designed to maximize business impact.

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Break through common barriers to success

Benefits across the organization.

No more reinventing the wheel. What you learn from Operations Mapping™ can be applied to any area or process. You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that derail usability. Policies and procedures only have value if they’re used and used consistently. ​
  • Create the framework for any process in minutes. Link high-level processes to policies, procedures, and tasks.​
  • Significantly reduce updating headaches.​
  • Transform your existing documents into a highly structured, usable system.

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Operations Mapping Benefits - Comprose


Client Examples

Increased customer satisfaction rating

A national parts supplier experienced a sharp decline in their customer satisfaction rating. Preliminary analysis uncovered an increase in transaction errors which resulted in shipping incomplete orders and unnecessary delays. Most training was haphazard. Their turnover rate was over 20%.

We helped them develop an “Order Fulfillment System” that they could use to train new hires. This enabled them to reduce ramp-up time and implement additional controls, making their work processes more efficient and less error-prone. 

Operations Mapping shipping client - Comprose
Operations Mapping IT Change Management System

IT Change Management


The corporate information technology (IT) department in a fast-growing financial services firm wanted to improve relations with the business units they served. User requests tended to fall into a big black hole, and deadlines were continually missed. We showed our client how to create a “Software Change Management System” designed to reduce response time, improve business user visibility, and reduce their defect rate. They started achieving results in their first week. 

operations mapping healthcare client example

Patient Enrollment


A health care management organization was growing so rapidly that they couldn’t get staff hired and trained fast enough. Operations were inconsistent across call centers. Supervisors were spending too much time answering basic questions. We worked with them to create a “Patient Enrollment System” designed to reduce new hire time-to-competency. The system reduced call handling time so much that they had to set a new, higher benchmark.​

bank employee operations mapping example

New Account


The COO of a community bank was concerned about constantly changing regulations. Bank examiners had identified weaknesses in the bank’s controls and a lack of clear procedures, especially in new accounts. We helped them develop an easy-to-use system for new accounts that enabled the bank to standardize training, meet new regulatory compliance, and gain more process transparency.

operations mapping safe medication example

Safe Medication


A large hospital system struggled to develop the policies and procedures needed for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) accreditation. They were also implementing a new medication system. Patient safety was paramount, but it was difficult to operationalize this vision. We helped them create a “Safe Medication Management System.” They were also able to map their content to the JCAHO standard, which streamlined compliance and ongoing maintenance.