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Zavanta Features

Zavanta streamlines all phases of procedure design, management, and communication.

Unlike unstructured static document approaches, Zavanta uses a database model. The content is SEPARATE from the format, giving you greater flexibility. With conventional static documents you can get information only one way. Imagine being able to meet the needs of multiple audiences from a single system. Generate policy and procedures, disaster plans, training job aids without re-inventing the wheel.  Zavanta auto-generates printed or PDF manuals, documents, column reports as well as fully-indexed online websites.

To see Zavanta in action, Watch the Feature Demos.

Not sure where to start? Get the right framework, you’re halfway home!

Getting the right framework at the beginning is KEY.  Our Operations Mapping methodology helps you quickly identify what procedures and policies you need by breaking high-level processes into logic units that link together. You’ll avoid redundancies and common mistakes such as mixing P&P together. Figuring out how your business “works” can actually be fun!

Easy knowledge capture — Procedures almost write themselves

Communicating SOP knowledge in a way to drives better performance and supports training requires a skill-set most people don’t possess.  Zavanta was built by the experts so you don’t have to be one.   Zavanta’s fill-in-the blanks wizard helps you “think through”  any process, SOP, or policy, prompting you for all the information, in the right order, ensuring nothing is left out.  SOP best practices are built in.  You simply answer questions and select items from pre-defined Pick Lists and Boilerplate Text.  Built in controls ensure consistent terminology, something that’s impossible to do in MS Word or Excel.

Zavanta’s easy cross reference and linking features let you tie everything together. Link policies to procedures, insert “kick-outs” to work instructions, link in pictures, flowcharts, forms, even training videos at their point of use.  To see some examples, check out the Zavanta Feature Demos.

Zavanta_Features_No_FormattingPress a button, Zavanta formats everything for you

Did you know that procedure authors using conventional tools typically spend 50% or more of their time on clerical tasks — formatting, re-formatting?  And this happens EVERY TIME you have to change something! It’s time to get into the 21st century!  Zavanta automatically formats everything, so that you have more time to focus on quality content.  You’ll love Zavanta’s ManualMaker!

Zavanta applies a standardized format so that all procedures look the same, all policies look the same – no matter who the author is.  That means less clean-up, you get it right the first time.

Go online! Zavanta auto-generates websites employees will want to use

Zavanta generates paper documents and manuals for situations that require paper, but in most cases, online is the way to go!  Zavanta auto-generates websites that reside on your intranet, MS SharePoint, or anywhere you want.  Employees have access to the latest and greatest best practices, 24/7, through their browser. As your processes and procedure change, Zavanta refreshes the website with changes.  Zavanta-generated websites are optimized for online usability.  Zavanta automatically generates an indexing system and builds user-friendly navigation into every document.  Everything is LINKED together.  You can make your processes and procedures more engaging by embedding video, audio, and visuals.  To see how the website automation works and see examples, Watch the Feature Demos

Zavanta’s unique Step Engine makes it easy to map out step-by-step logic

Zavanta’s step engine helps you “think through” step logic and avoid common mistakes that slow procedure users down.  You can quickly create steps and sub-steps, re-order, demote, or promote steps and move steps around.  Zavanta automatically aligns and renumbers everything as you re-arrange steps.  You can easily insert kick-outs (cross-references) to other procedures or tasks from any step, enabling you to achieve a drill-down effect.

Manage the content with built-in change utilities, archiving, data filtering

Zavanta was specifically designed to address maintenance challenges. Because all content is “modularized” in a central database, it’s very easy to find, change, and track content.  Zavanta has built in revision management & archival. Global change utilities let you make a change once and update selected documents or all content.  But here’s where the power of a database approach really shines.  Zavanta’s data filtering lets you “slice and dice” your data any way you want; you aren’t limited to just a few categories. As long as you have a field and data value, you can do it! Common examples include: Best practices pertaining to a specific business process, tasks for a specific department, Processes by division, subsidiary, plant, office, or client, Documents “due for review.”

Automate your Review / Approval workflow

Zavanta’s Review and Approval Management streamlines review and sign-off process.  It works for simple processes or complex processes that involve multiple teams and cycles.  You can capture electronic sign-off, create deadline triggers, and much more.  You can define an automated workflow and Zavanta automatically sends email notifications to the appropriate people all along the way.  Reviewers and Approvers log into Zavanta and go to one place where they can access all the documents that need their attention.  All their comments are date stamped and logged.  NOTE: Review / Approval Automation is only available in the Gold Edition. Watch our video about how takes the pain out of the review and approval process. Register to watch the Zavanta feature demos.

Monitor the life cycle of everything in real time with the Control Central Dashboard 

The Control Central Dashboard lets you see the status of all documents “at a glance.”  Color coded icons show the progress through review and approval cycles. From this single dashboard you can access review/approval details including which reviewers have and haven’t completed their review, what their comments are, and more.  Control Central lets you manage the review and approval process — it all from one spot.

You can start a new cycle, cancel reviewers, send emails to selected individuals, re-submit to reviewers and more.

 Get routine tasks on autopilot with Automated Actions

Automated Actions feature automatically triggers email notifications and status code changes based on specific rules or conditions, letting you put routine tasks on autopilot. The possibilities and uses for Automated Actions are unlimited. Here are just a few examples:

  • Notify specific people when a document is due for its annual review
  • Notify employee groups whenever a procedure changes
  • Notify assigned Subject Experts that a procedure is assigned to them and that they need to complete it
  • Send reminders to Reviewers who are late in completing their review, (you can even “nag” them; Zavanta will send recurring emails until they complete their review)
  • Send email reminders to employees when it’s time for them perform a task (specific date, end of quarter, end of year and more)

Need more security, control?  Personalize the system by user group

Zavanta’s Gold Edition makes it easy to implement Zavanta enterprise-wide, across functional groups by providing you additional security, user group permissions/restrictions, and personalization. You can restrict specific users from certain documents, hide Zavanta functions, and customize Zavanta’s knowledge capture interface.  You can control users’ permissions down to the button, document, or data value level.

Ensure that employees have read policies and procedures with Read Verify

With Zavanta’s Read Verify feature, you can get quick verification that employees have read and understood policies and procedures. Employees simply click on a link after reading the policy or SOP and complete the verification sign-off electronically. Records go directly into the Zavanta database for fast and easy reporting and tracking.  In Zavanta, managers can quickly search and get reports to to see who has signed off and when.

Integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory ®

You can set and manage logon credentials and user permissions by integrating with Active Directory.  Because Zavanta’s User Manager allows very tight and granular control of functional and content access, administrators can confidently extend usage to large numbers of employees throughout the organization. When new users are added in Active Directory, they can automatically inherit the permissions for the group they belong to in Zavanta!

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