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8 Steps to a Successful Zavanta Implementation

With some basic project management, you can streamline your Zavanta implementation and set yourself up to hit the ground running. Taking the time to plan helps ensure a timelier, better-coordinated kickoff and contributes to the long-term success of your organizations SOPs.  Here are 8 tips we have found will help you maximize success in the least amount of time.  
  1. Set a timeline and deadlines. How many hours can you devote per week? Are your goals in line with that?
  2. Appoint a project manager and ensure that person has the support they need to accomplish their goals. There is a balance between planning and doing. Successfully striking this balance can help expedite implementation.
  3. Be strategic. By front-loading your planning you can reduce the amount of time you spend writing and ensure that everyone is in sync regarding the deliverables and goals.
  4. After the initial project push- who will be in charge? Because you can use Zavanta in all areas there is not always a natural “owner,” so appoint one team or individual to take the lead ownership role to manage ongoing work.
  5. Optimize how you will use your Coaching time. Schedule time with your Zavanta Coach for times when you can use what you have learned immediately after  (e.g., if you are going on vacation, wait until you get back and ready to start working).
  6. Consider additional training classes, while not mandatory for success, focused training classes can expedite the learning curve and get everyone on the same page quickly.
  7. Make time on your to do list. Zavanta is an incredible tool to help you manage and share standard policies and procedures, but it’s up to you to get your content captured so you get the benefits you want.
  8. Keep moving. Momentum is huge. Once the snowball starts rolling you’ll start to see rapidly increasing
For information on training classes and other resources go to the COMPROSE  Downloads page.