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Zavanta Categories Fields Making the Most of your Database

Zavanta Categories Fields Making the Most of your Database
Zavanta Categories fields are a powerful way to locate and index content stored in your Zavanta system for fast retrieval. It is great for creating filters and special index pages on your Zavanta SOP websites. The Categories screen is available in the Zavanta Reserved Screen Overlay. You can use it as is or customize it for your purposes. You can have as many categories as you want and assign Pick Lists to them.Categories Fields 
Categories have two main purposes:

Indexing—Categories allow you to tag and organize content for rapid retrieval
Reporting—Categories allow you to easily assemble and report on content of any type that shares a category tag

You can create categories for anything you like.

Some ways Zavanta users apply categories are to indicate the following:
  • Which branch or location policies and procedures apply to? For example, they may be for the corporate office, branches, or everyone.
  • What regulation does the document correspond to?
  • Which customer or product line an SOP supports?
Any document can have as many categories assigned to it as you want. For example, you can categorize the same document as belonging to Department A, Product Line 1, Regulation X, and you can locate it by asking for documents with any of those categories or further narrow it by asking for only documents that have ALL matching categories.

For more information, see Zavanta Help Filter Overview.

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