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Manage Growth and Change

Change is the only constant in business.  Without a well-defined roadmap, managing change and growing your business can be difficult.  A system  of clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) gives you the roadmap to navigate any kind of change. Rolling out new applications, opening new offices, mergers, taking on new opportunities doesn’t have to be disruptive or costly.

With a system that’s flexible and easy to change, your organization can adapt more quickly–even to those changes you can’t see coming.  Learn how our clients were able to successfully implement major changes that impacted their workforce.

Read some of our Client Success Stories:

The Launchpad at the University of Miami Takes its Successful Program Nationwide

The Launchpad at the University of Miami is a highly successful program that helps student entrepreneurs launch viable business ideas.  After being awarded multiple grants to take their program to other universities across the country, their challenge become how to make their operation as turnkey as possible and easily replicable.  Launch Pad staff credited COMPROSE’s Zavanta software with helping them rapidly clone the best practices of their highly-successful program and create an “operations website” that any licensee could access.  This enabled licensees to easily apply the successful model. The Launchpad program has been successfully implemented at two universities so far and will roll-out to several other universities soon.

Read the complete PRWEB press release and watch video: “Replicating Success: Zavanta Software Helps University of Miami’s Launch Pad Clone Successful Venture Coaching Program.

Healthcare Benefits Company Beats Deadline for New Software Roll-Out

One of our clients faced an “impossible” deadline to roll out a new multi-million dollar claims processing system that would significantly change the way their 2,500 employees worked every day. Using our Zavanta software, the company not only met their immediate target on time and within budget, but the system they created is still being used today—15 year later—to train new people and standardize performance across all of their claims processing call centers.

The company is now leveraging this success to other areas of the business, one being the Sales side of the organization.  They are applying this same systems approach to integrate and standardize their sales processes as they acquire new companies.

Managed Care Support Contractor Ramps Up to Support New Multi-Billion Dollar Contract

A new contract to administer services to a major new client had far-reaching operations impact for a large managed care firm. The performance conditions set forth in the new contract left no room for anything to go wrong.  Optimizing processes and training staff was critical to meeting contractual commitments.  In the midst of all this, the company was also rolling out a new computer program for processing enrollment applications, so staff had to be trained on the new system too.

Using Zavanta software, team leaders were able to develop standards and procedures that could be used by any group responsible for supporting the contract. The systems they created addressed cross-functional operations as well as specific departmental tasks. This approach eliminated the “silo” mentality that had previously existed, which improved productivity and team communication when it mattered most.

Nationwide Bank Successfully Standardizes 190 Branches after Merger

One of the largest privately-owned bank holding companies in the U.S. used ourZavanta software to standardize and integrate operations as they acquired new banks. The larger they got, the more obvious it became that the days of operating via “tribal knowledge,” post-it notes, and individual e-mails were over.  They recognized early on that their antiquated “white binder policy and procedure guide” approach would never work in an environment that was becoming more and more complex and regulated.

According to Branch Operations Vice President, “The biggest benefit areas of standardization in business terms have been increased accountability and knowledge retention.” With the various mergers and expansion people were leaving branches with critical knowledge in their heads.  Until we had accurate, standardized P&Ps for all branches, there was no way to really hold people accountable for correct performance.

Now everyone has the same policies and procedures in place.  The bank’s Branch and Operations Support group uses the COMPROSE Zavanta software system every day to help them successfully support, train and coordinate staff.  They have now expanded their usage of Zavanta into the Compliance area. 

Court System Successfully Coordinates Move involving 18 Divisions and 10 Location

Moving a large County and Circuit Court system to a new facility was a major undertaking for the Chief Deputy Clerk of Operations. Every basic procedure—from security to how to use the phone system—was changing. Communication between hundreds of employees in 18 divisions and 10 locations had to be maintained and coordinated. Service to the public also had to be maintained during and after the move.

Using COMPROSE’s Zavanta software, they were able to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) that they could deploy over their intranet, giving everyone access before, during, and after the move. All employees could access the latest information no matter where they were located. Now that the move is complete, the Court system continues to use the Zavanta software to create new procedures and update their existing ones as their operation changes. According to their Chief Deputy Clerk of Operations, “Zavanta makes it easy to keep everyone updated.”

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