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SOP Software for the

Construction Industry

Standardize operational performance with a proven SOP system.

Construction companies and property management firms are poised for significant growth, but controlling operating costs and standardizing work processes remain major challenges. Retiring employees are leaving without any way to capture and share their know-how with the existing workforce and subs. 

Far too often, standard operating procedures, best practices, and protocols are written down "somewhere" or communicated haphazardly by word-of-mouth or email.

Zavanta gives organizations in the construction and related industries a modern way to capture and communicate "how to" knowledge.  No matter where team members are located -- in the office or in the field on construction sites -- they can look up how to do any task. Go digital with a web-based portal or provide printed materials for those who don't have access to a digital device. 

Zavanta has helped construction firms and businesses in related industries achieve these goals:

  • Meet compliance, quality, and industry standards
  • Standardize operations across locations
  • Streamline training for employees and subcontractors
  • Preserve institutional knowledge before people retire
  • Operationalize safety for risk management
  • Provide "just-in-time" training

"We call the employee Portal that Zavanta generates 'The Crossland Way." All employees have access to it. It has helped us maintain our core values and standardize how things are done across 9 offices."

Loretta Maine, LEED Coordinator, Crossland Construction

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One system: Operations, Training, Compliance

It's easier to control construction costs and ensure quality when everyone knows what to do.

Your "knowledge-sharing" system.

Zavanta gives you everything you need to make construction procedures and guidelines accessible to both office and field personnel. 

  • SOPs are always consistent easy-to-follow with Zavanta's guided authoring.
  • Generate all knowledge assets (digital, print) without reformatting. 
  • Go mobile with an Employee Portal, or generate manuals or printed reports for those who don't have access to a digital device.
  • Bridge the knowledge gap between your foreman and apprentice.
  • Everything is organized, in one place.
image of construction workers review job training on a laptop

Everyone benefits.

Everyone understands their role in delivering the highest quality service.



Construction workers have access to any work instruction or procedure from any device, 24/7. From the office, a work truck, or a job site. They are more confident; they work smarter, and more safely.



Construction managers have a way of establishing consistent quality standards, best practices, and protective measures. You have a single system to manage with, train from, and streamline compliance.

Project Managers

Project Managers

Zavanta supports the discipline needed for effective construction project management. It's easier to control costs and ensure quality through the use of SOPs.  



Auditors and regulators love the results. Because policies and procedures are well-thought-out and organized, audits and inspections go faster and smoother.

IT / Security Teams

IT / Security Teams

Our platform meets enterprise security requirements. Automation tools streamlines the management of thousands of users. The Zavanta-generated portal requires no IT support.

Training Department

Training Department

Construction trainers can include pictures or videos of equipment like hand tools or air hoses, or PPE like a face covering or protective eyewear, for effective communication of the SOP.  Link SOPs and policies into any LMS or web application.



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