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Crossland Construction

Zavanta Software Helps Crossland Construction Streamline Growth Across Diverse Operations

Discover how Crossland Construction uses Zavanta Software to streamline growth across diverse operations. 


We needed to make ‘The Crossland Way’ accessible to everyone.”  

Loretta Maine, The Crossland Way/LEED Coordinator 



Our Client

Crossland Construction

What started as one man’s pursuit of the American Dream out of his family garage has grown to a team of more than 1,500+ employees. Today, Crossland is recognized as one of the top construction firms in the nation, with multiple businesses and locations across the United States.  

Crossland Construction Company is ranked among our nation’s top General Contractors. Regardless of project size, Crossland offers a wide range of construction services, and their capabilities enable them to set the pace of construction, control project costs, and set standards in quality and safety. They truly are Real Builders, capable of self-performing many aspects of the construction process. This competitive edge ranks them in the top 5 steel erectors United States. Crossland commits to building exceptional facilities and lifelong relationships with their valued customers.

Business Challenge

Crossland Construction started as a family business, so in the early days, it was easy to communicate standards, values, and how things were to be done. This is a common challenge all organizations in expansion mode face: How to standardize operations and grow without spiraling out of control.    

According to Loretta Maine, “Our CEO met with larger, successful organizations to see how they operated. Something these companies had, that we didn’t, was a way to communicate to employees ‘how we do things.’ We needed to make ‘The Crossland Way’ accessible to everyone.”  

“How-to” communication was done in meetings and by email.  


 “The various departments probably had procedures and guidelines, but it wasn’t available across the organization. Most ‘how to’ information was communicated in emails, handouts, and in meetings. We needed to have a better way, especially when we hire new employees or subs.” 


The Solution: Zavanta

Crossland's Portal: From Desktop to Cloud 

Since 2014, Crossland Construction implemented Zavanta as its platform to capture and communicate policies and procedures across departments and locations.

Crossland implemented the Zavanta desktop version in 2014 and has since converted to the cloud version. Loretta Maine conducted the solution search, implemented the initial system, and continues to oversee their Zavanta system today.

Field personnel can access the Portal from their mobile devices; office personnel use their desktop computers. Analytics tell managers what people are searching for and where they need help. 


“We call the employee Portal that Zavanta generates ‘The Crossland Way.’ All employees have access to it. It has helped us maintain our core values and standardize how things are done across nine offices.”  

- LORETTA MAINE Crossland Way/LEED Coordinator, Crossland Construction 


The Future

“Everyone is excited to get the procedures for the new project management software into Zavanta. In addition to our Portal, Zavanta’s Manual Maker will be very helpful in creating manuals for training new people. “ 

The long-term vision is to expand Zavanta usage to even more Crossland Construction departments. Currently, the Company is implementing a new project management system. Post-rollout, Zavanta will be used as a place for current employees to get help on the system.  

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