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Electronic Signature

Compliant and secure eSignature solution fully integrated within Zavanta

Zavanta eSignature is fully integrated with the document lifecycle

Traditional eSignatures are labor-intensive solutions that require manual efforts in file management and tracking.

 Zavanta’s eSignature is simple, convenient and reliable.

  • Managers can access reports to view the signature status.
  • Auditors and inspectors can easily access reports to view compliant signatures with related documents.
  • IF GTS (Global Translation System) is implemented, all documents and prompts will be translated.

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Zavanta eSignature Key Benefits

Your team is already using Zavanta for policies and procedures, so there is no need to learn a new tool or to leave the system to sign an important document. Workflows and audit history are built in. Additional benefits include:

  • Automated alerts
  • Automatic archive
  • Scalability
  • Mobile access
  • Translations
  • Manager tool

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Zavanta’s electronic signature and employee attestation benefits


Automated Alerts

Since the eSignature request is integrated into workflows, the Zavanta system automatically “nudges” a user to finish the eSignature process.  No more manual email reminders to have employees sign importance process and procedure documents, including necessary compliance and HR forms.   

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Report Ready

The eSignature is simply one more built-in feature in Zavanta, so it comes with the integrated organization. The naming convention for the file is predefined, so this eliminates manual errors during the “File > Save As” process with traditional signature tools. Signature administrators no longer worry about where to save the documents.  

Zavanta automatically stores the related files with pre-set views so managers, auditors, and inspectors can easily view by campaign, by user, or by document.  

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Automatic Archive With Audit History  

Zavanta automatically handles the archiving, tracking, and audit history. This streamlines the process for audits, inspections, and management review. It is easy to download a ZIP file with both the document and signature file to showcase compliance with industry regulations and standards.  

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It’s a simple process to initiate large scale eSignature requests with groups. Create a group of users with the same eSignature requirements, and the Zavanta system handles the communication process. This eliminates the labor-intensive and error-prone manual process associated with traditional eSignature solutions.

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Mobile Access

Everything in the Zavanta employee portal is mobile ready, so the entire process for your employees can also be completed on a mobile device. Documents are available to sign when employees need them, ensuring accessibility and overall convenience for employees on the go.  

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If our Global Translation System (GTS) is implemented, all prompts and documents will be in designated languages. This ensures your employees can fully comprehend the content in the documents they are signing as well as the full eSignature process.   

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Manager Tool

Managers can view Read Verify and Testing reports by user or by document. They can easily download the actual document and signature receipt to see that it is a legally accepted document. Managers can also share this with auditors. 

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Cost Reduction

Clients using Zavanta’s eSignature solution can potentially eliminate the cost of third-party eSignature tools. There is no additional charge for this feature in Zavanta. For comparison, some traditional eSignature tools charge per document. This extra expense could potentially be eliminated while expanding the use of eSignatures.