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Employee Training -- Are you Setting Your Organization Up for Success?

In a recent INC Magazine article, Jeff James of the Disney Institute shares his philosophy on employee training. Arguing for training programs that cultivate employee growth at varying career stages, he writes:
“Training should not be seen as optional; rather, it should be operationalized and embedded into the fabric of your organization.”
James highlights three key employee training touchstones:
  • New Hires
  • Transitions to New Roles
  • Ongoing Development
For more on Jeff James’ ideas, check out the article here: “Optional or Operational? The Case for Great Training
The benefit of investing in your employees extends beyond the personal fulfillment of your associates and promotes the culture and mission of your organization. Creating relevant and actionable policies and procedures can support this culture of training. That’s what COMPROSE Operations Mapping and Zavanta software are designed to do.
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