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Standardizing Operations Helps You Work Faster and Eliminate Waste

In today’s economy, no organization can afford to tolerate wasting effort, staff time, or money on inefficient operations for long. Surviving in tough times means making the best use of available resources and that means eliminating waste. That’s where examining your business systems comes into it. “Systemized” organizations accomplish more, in less time, with fewer resources. Simply put, clear work processes make organizations faster and less wasteful.

Just look at the illustrations at right. Which looks more like your internal processes?

Be honest. Ask yourself: “How much valuable time gets wasted in my company because of unnecessary steps, confusion, and “everyone doing their own thing.”

When work processes follow inconsistent or—even random—paths employees waste precious time “guessing” what to do and re-inventing the wheel instead of accomplishing their goals.

The larger and more complex your organization, the worse this problem gets when there are no standards or systems in place.