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Video -- What Really Makes an SOP Good? Performance!

Did you know that if done right, a user-friendly Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) “system” is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to standardize work processes, control quality and keep employees trained and operating efficiently? (The research backs it up. See our previous post: The Best Method for Reducing Workplace Errors.)
Most people are unaware of the potential of good SOPs and work instructions for improving organizational performance because they’ve only seen bad models.
The operative phrase is “if done right.” Building systems and standardized procedures that truly deliver significant business benefit requires much more than just having an admin write down a few steps or bullet points. What makes an SOP good or bad is not someone’s opinion either. User-friendly SOPs have very specific characteristics.
So, here’s the DEFINITIVE answer, based on over 20 years of field-tested research and our work with hundreds of organizations.   Watch the video: