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Why Are Standard Operating Procedures Important?

The important task of writing policies and procedures rarely gets the respect it deserves. Most people recognize the need for having standard policies, but standard operating procedures often get viewed as a necessary evil. Why is that?
The COMPROSE Policy and Procedure Pros decided to devote this post to concisely answering the fundamental question: why are Standard Operating Procedures important? Here goes:
Good procedures and work instructions provide a way to communicate and apply consistent standards and practices within your organization.
GOOD procedures . . .
  • save time and mistakes
  • reduce training costs
  • ensure consistent results
  • empower the workforce
  • get read and used
  • support quality goals
  • enable you to delegate work
But, BAD procedures, can be as disastrous as no procedures at all!
Bad procedures . . .
  • cause errors and frustration
  • increase training costs
  • waste time and money
  • detract from quality goals
  • don’t get read or used
It’s the bad procedures out there that are the problem.  And we’ve probably seen more SOP documents than anyone on the planet. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of badly written, hard-to-understand, and frankly BORING documents clogging up the shelves and network drives of corporate America and beyond.
We’re on a mission to change all that. Watch our upcoming posts for tips and techniques that you can use for writing policies and procedures of the GOOD kind—the one’s that deliver value—and keep away from the BAD kind that don’t get read or used.
Our Zavanta software‘s authoring wizard and built-in Advice enables anyone to create GOOD SOPs in less than HALF the time of conventional methods.  Learn more.