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SOP and Policy Management

Zavanta Overview

Clear Policies and Procedures are essential. Traditional methods to manage them aren't working.

Modernize your Policy and Procedure Communication.

Clearly communicated SOPs and policies are essential for any organization.  Together, they provide a roadmap for daily operations and good decision-making. Regulatory and accreditation bodies require them, as well as proof employees, are using them.     

Yet, many businesses continue to waste thousands of dollars only to end up with static documents that no one uses or updates. 

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Zavanta's Difference

The power of management automation.

Tools to deliver user-friendly content and a

better audience experience.

Quality content matters.

Document / content management systems are only as good as the content in them. It's the content itself that drives performance and compliance. This is a gap that other solution providers ignore. 

That's why we prioritize content usability.  It's baked into our technology.

All-in-one system

Automate, unify all life cycle phases.

Zavanta is a complete solution. Authoring performance support is seamlessly integrated with content management and publishing.   

Workflows automate tasks together across all phases: authoring, reviews, publishing, versioning and notifications. Zavanta gives you visibility to the entire process; you can see where any document is in the flow. 

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chart of complete policy and procedure life cycle

Structured Content model.

SOPs and Policies have unique characteristics: high volume, fast-change, diverse audience. Uniformity is a must-have.  

Free-form text entered into text boxes and Word templates lack needed controls, structure, and built-in intelligence.  

Zavanta captures knowledge content and breaks it up into logical units or "chunks" stored in a database so that it is easier to find, use, update, translate, track, validate, monitor, and re-purpose for different audiences and applications.

Learn more in our blog post:  What is Structured Content, and What are the Benefits?

Structured content model diagram

Link Policy to the Procedures for how to carry it out.

Zavanta's unique "drill-down" architecture LINKs high level processes and policies to the standard operating  procedures (SOPs) employees should follow to comply with policies.  

The result: You have a complete "ecosystem" that connects all the information people need to do their jobs; not just one part of the picture. You can take any process and walk someone through it from start to finish.

Image of employees looking at how a process breaks down into procedures linked to policies

Break through knowledge transfer barriers. Make it easy for your experts to share their know-how.

Why force people to stare at a blank screen wondering what to write or waste time formatting documents? That's the old way. 

Zavanta's authoring wizard provides the performance support people need and automatically formats everything. Anyone can create a "smart" SOP, which means someone unfamiliar with the task can follow the procedure and do the job correctly, with minimal supervision.

subject matter expert showing an SOP he has written
Know-how at the point of use.

Relevant SOPs are just a click away.

Imagine if employees had access to the know-how they needed at the moment they were performing a task? 

With Zavanta, you can link "how to" instructions directly into work. Employees have easy access to the SOPs they need at the moment they are performing the task. One click, no searching! 

Link standards, policies and SOPs into your LMS. Insert SOPs into HR and CRM systems. Embed relevant content into call center scripts. The applications are limitless. 

Image of the complete policy and SOP life cycle

With the right system, imagine what you could accomplish.

Case Studies

30-plus years of Benefits for our Clients

Our customers have achieved game-changing results:

  • Standardized global operations
  • Operationalized quality and compliance
  • Streamlined SOC2 audits
  • Automated policy management

Are you getting these kinds of outcomes with your own policies and procedures?

Read more client stories in our case studies.

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Discover what Zavanta could do for you: