Zavanta Software Overview

Everyone knows that operating randomly, with know-how in heads isn’t smart.

But getting know-how out of heads and into a form that others can USE is hard. People try all kinds of things: Word, Excel, emailing, old-fashioned manuals, document management … There is a better way!

If you need to create the kind of operating procedures that will drive better performance, and you want to learn about a tool that will help you do it faster and more efficiently than any other method, then you’ll want to watch this Zavanta Overview video or read on!

Why Zavanta?

Every year, businesses spend thousands of dollars writing documents and on technology to get them reviewed, approved, accessible and on testing systems hoping that people will read and understand them. And STILL the PROBLEMS: training inconsistencies, errors, QUESTIONS, write ups, knowledge walking out the door…

What most people don’t realize is that the biggest factor is the CONTENT itself.

You know that old saying…. (garbage in / garbage out) GIGO?

Bad directions or no directions cost you money. Good standard operating procedures save you money.

Most software products miss this

There are hundreds of products that will help you manage your documents, but you’re on your own as far as the content itself goes. Many people think “writing” in MS Word is their only option, but its not. Or that better document management will fix their content problems, but it doesn’t.

Zavanta is the best tool for creating clear, easy-to-maintain standard operating procedures and making them accessible to your workforce over the web. First time users report completing their first procedure in under 30 minutes.

Instead of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write, Zavanta prompts you. Standardization, quality controls, and advice are all built in. The result? Your operating procedures are so clear anyone can follow them and achieve the expected results.

Everything is organized in an easy-to-update database. Zavanta provides basic content management, or is compatible with enterprise management tools such as MS SharePoint.

“We tried word processing-based solutions, but they were far too work intensive and time consuming. Formatting and reformatting was wasting everyone’s time. Zavanta standardized how we develop procedures. Everyone is more productive.
Project Leader and Training Manager, Anthem BCBS

You do the math

With Zavanta, development and ongoing maintenance is HALF the time of Word; plus you get better results.

So …instead of a mess of documents no one uses, you get an easy to use, easy to maintain SYSTEM.

People can get the big picture, drill down to the details.

Zavanta helps you capture know-how and best practices from your experts and links everything together. Processes, procedures and policies are accessible 24/7 from their browser.

You can take any process…. And walk someone through it… from start to finish, cradle to grave. You have a single “system” to manage with, train from, and that regulators LOVE!

If this sounds like something you’d like to have in your company, then watch our “Zavanta Tour” Video.

We’ll show you examples and just how it’s done.

Zavanta Users: In their own words:

“Zavanta’s structured knowledge capture interface helped us “think through” all our processes carefully so they don’t just look good—they are good. The auditors commented our P&Ps were “best implementation of Policy and Procedure documentation they had seen anywhere.” They praised the thoroughness, clarity and conciseness of our P&Ps. We received an excellent review with no negative comments. The high-quality of our P&Ps went a long way to build the Audit team’s confidence. They could easily see our commitment to compliance, the quality of our controls, and review our day- to- day compliance activity. This made everything in the audit faster, smoother and easier for everyone. ”
David Mertz, Director of Compliance Services, GSI, Inc.

“I spent 3 hours creating a procedure using MS Word vs. 35 minutes to create the same procedure in Zavanta. Then, I presented both procedures to my client. They selected the Zavanta procedure because it was so easy-to-follow.”
Bill Hildreth, Quality Consultant

“I can just give our experts access to Zavanta and have them fill out the forms. Zavanta’s prompting makes our procedures better because it helps us think of things we might normally forget such as what to do if something goes wrong. Management really likes the fact that our SOPs look similar and are presented in a consistent way.”
Systems Administrator for a major bank.

“The biggest benefit is that all our procedures have a standard look and content structure. With the old way, you’d have 10 or 15 people writing them in different ways, no telling where you’d find the information you need. Another benefit is easy creation. Until we started using Zavanta, we spent so much time on the clerical formatting we didn’t understand the importance of or have time to focus on the content.
Karl Goodwin, Director, Orange County Clerk of the Courts

“A lot of Banks mix policy and procedure together. Bank regulators don’t like that. With Zavanta’s drill-down approach, policy is separate from procedure but linked. We like the fact that people can zero in on the level they want. We also needed a tool that would help us standardize P&P make sure everything was spelled out and give entry-level employees the step-by-step handholding they need.
Bank Administration Specialist for a Community Bank

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