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How do SOPs create Accountability?

Leverage Employee Know-how at all levels of the organization imageMany have said that by just thinking about how their business “works” and defining the best way of doing things has gone a long way in transforming their organization from a “seat of the pants” culture to one of accountability.
You have to put it in writing. Capturing and communicating standardized procedures, the right actions, and responsibilities (before the next misstep or security breach happens) is the most effective and fair way to make people accountable and minimize some of the push back you may get as you transform your culture.
And we’re not talking about throwing a book of gobbledy-gook at people and just saying “See Ya!” We’re talking about good systems that LINK clearly defined policies and standards to the processes, procedures and work instructions needed to carry them out.
Good systems are continually refined and perfected with employee input on how to improve them. Everyone understands how the business works at EVERY level and what their role is.
As one of our customers tells her staff: If you’ve followed the procedure “you’re off the hook.”
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