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Share Your SOPS How You Need To, When You Need To

Share Your SOPS How You Need To, When You Need To
One of the key elements to making policies and standard operating procedures actually useful is to share your SOPs with your employees.  While this sounds obvious, a lot of organizations create old-fashioned SOP documents and employee handbooks only to store them in a binder somewhere that lives in a file drawer and only gets dusted off for the odd training or to add an update no one reads. Unless your employees can find, understand, and use your policies and SOPs to do real work, you get no value from having them at all.

With  Zavanta software, you can give employees fast and easy access to accurate policy and procedure content 24/7 in versatile ways that make sense for how people work. For example:
  • You can create an internal website or portal—for your company or department—organized for your unique needs. This is great for ongoing daily support. It gives people real-time access to policy and procedure information they need. Employees can easily pull up the SOPs on their desktop, tablet, or phone.
  • You can easily make updates at the press of a button, and the updated SOP is available to everyone who needs it all at the same time—no paper or emails are required. Our mass update feature is helpful when you have a change in terminology. Our system will find every instance of the term for a quick and easy update.
  • You can create traditional manuals and position guides on-demand that contain exactly the content you want and nothing else. Ideal for training classes and new hire
  • Have a quick policy change to share or new work instructions? If all you need is a single policy or procedure document, you can create it in Zavanta, export it as a PDF, and email it around.
Zavanta’s versatile single-source, multiple-output features help you easily adapt to a variety of sharing needs for different employee groups and settings. Contact us to learn more.

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