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Divide and Conquer to Complete Your Operations Manuals Quickly

As we began in our previous post, 5 Ways to Finally Get Your Procedure Manuals Done, often organizations really want to develop standard operating procedures and improve their operations manuals, but their goal never gets past the “good intentions” stage. There doesn’t seem to be enough time or resources to complete the entire project.
Well, divide and conquer is a tried-and-true strategy for accomplishing almost any big task. You know the saying “many hands make light work.”
If you want to get your policies and procedures and operations manual project off to a fast completion so you can start improving organizational performance  instead of just wishing you could, start by spreading the work around. Recruit Subject Matter Experts throughout your organization and have each of them write up the processes, procedures and work instructions that apply to their individual areas or job functions. Then have a smaller group of managers and editors review the first drafts and edit them into final form. In this way, the entire project can get completed in less time with less disruption.

The COMPROSE Operations Mapping approach is designed specifically to help organizations break their operating procedures down into clear, modular systems. To learn more, check out our educational webinars.