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Set a Goal Date to Finally Get Your Procedure Manual Done

Is yours one of the many organizations that wants to develop better standard operating procedures and operations manuals, and maybe even have started projects to bring your corporate policies and procedures manuals up to date, but—despite your good intentions—the effort always seems to take a back seat to other priorities and nothing ever manages to get done about it?
As we began in our previous post, 5 Ways to Finally Get Your Procedure Manuals Done, sometimes there’s nothing like a deadline to provoke quick action.
Let’s face it, if your CEO, a government agency, or a key customer demanded to see the Company Procedures Manual by a certain date “or else” everything would kick into high-gear and all the non-essentials, foot dragging, and procrastination would stop. You’d figure out a way to get it done. So since you already know it’s an important task, set a specific goal date to have your operations manuals completed. Make it aggressive! Then assume that “push has come to shove” and there is no more weaseling out of it. It’s do or die time. Brainstorm all the things you could do to meet the challenge including the strategy outlined in our earlier posts.
Now you’ve got a deadline and a game plan. Start implementing those strategies today!
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