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Good Systems Help Employees Cope with Reduced Resources

We thought this was an interesting point from the article Maintaining Employee Engagement During Tough Economic Times:
"With current cost-cutting, employees may find themselves with fewer resources and more work. Most of us will be required to do more with less. The 2008 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Job Satisfaction Survey Report indicates that communication during these difficult times is critical. The ability to understand strategic direction and goals allows an employee to align his or her actions with those of the organization, make the best use of these scarce resources, and pull the organization through the storm."
Helping all employees align their actions with the core business strategy is at the very core of our Operations Mapping approach. We have seen over and over again that when employees understand how their work relates to the overall strategic direction of the organization they inevitably make better choices on a day-to-day basis to streamline business processes and succeed at improving organizational performance. However, many executives fail to make this connection and resort to empty mantras of “Do More With Less.”