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Improve your chances of outsourcing success: Create a system! (Part 3 of 3)

If you want your outsourced project to succeed start by defining the work first. Make sure you create a clear system that defines:
  • the problem and specific outcome you want
  • accountability (who does what, when)
  • what the process is for getting the result you want
  • how you are going to manage that process
  • detailed work instructions and specifications
  • contingencies
A  COMPROSE staffer was recently discussing this issue with the CEO of an IT consulting firm who summed up the issue in a nutshell. He said the biggest mistake he saw companies make was letting the outsource firm define the work. You must do that yourself. Think your requirements through carefully and make sure it is CRYSTAL CLEAR – from start to finish what you want. Then communicate it. “If you get 80% of your requirements down and then throw it out to the outsource firm because you got in a hurry, you’ll regret it later.”
It’s critical to write detailed instructions to increase understanding, because people hear things differently and note-taking skills vary widely. Having a physical artifact–written procedures and specifications–will give you something tangible that will keep everyone accountable.
Some may say: Systemizing is too much work! But creating a good plan and system doesn’t have to take a long time. And rarely have we seen anyone spend too much time; they usually don’t spend enough. If you want to minimize your time and maximize the results, check out Zavanta software from COMPROSE. It’s a fast, proven tool for rapidly creating clear, easy to communicate “systems” to support outsourcing projects as well as for standardizing operations internally.