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Difficulty Managing Project Outsourcing? Systemize! (Part 1 of 3)

Organizations large and small are increasingly outsourcing projects and non-core functions to outside vendors. This has long been a common practice in IT and is now becoming more common in other industry sectors and departments such as sales, PR, web marketing, and customer service. Even using interns can be a form of outsourcing.
Some think outsourcing a project is an automatic time and cost-cutter but often fail to realize that even if someone else is going to PERFORM all the work, the project needs to be managed from the inside. Once you factor in all the planning and ongoing oversight essential for success, often the financial payoff doesn’t look so rosy. So, you need to consider that upfront before you decide to outsource and then you need to take the right steps to make the effort succeed.

Systemization is not just the key to standardizing operations and the best way to streamline business processes, it’s also a powerful tool to ensure outsourcing success.

In this multipart post, we discuss some of the common problems of outsourcing, and how systemization and Operations Mapping can improve your chances for success.