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One Size Fits All -- Yeah right!

Anybody been in the bargain aisle in the mall this month with the “Jingle Bells” Muzak assaulting your ears and run across the inevitable “One Size Fits All!” rack. Really? Who believes that?
If it’s not an IPOD or a stack of cash, it’s NOT going to fit ALL. Chances are it won’t fit ANYONE on your list. Like Goldilocks, it will be WAY too large for some, too tight for others, not long enough for the Tall people, too long for the petite folk, and way too ugly for anyone with a scintilla of fashion sense–aka teenagers.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL is a ridiculous fairytale–especially when it comes to your business systems.
Just because a particular system works for others–or worked for you 10 years ago–doesn’t mean it FITs your business today. Too many organizations are trying to operate with systems that don’t fit their needs. They keep doing things the way they’ve always done them without questioning WHY? Is there a better way? Do we need to tailor our system to our current needs and staff?
The SECRET to successfully streamlining business practices is two fold:
1) understand what your actual systems and needs really are
2) have a mechanism to grow and adapt systems to changing conditions in markets, staffing, technology, and the regulatory landscape.
That’s the foundation of the COMPROSE approach. The Operations Mapping method offers the tools to stay on top of systems at all levels–and tailoring them so they FIT each organization’s unique situation. Employing 21st century tools like Zavanta software for writing policies and procedures, training staff, and conducting new employee orientation, provides the ongoing support needed to continually grow, adapt, and adjust.

Don’t let a “One Size Fits All” mentality hold you back. Create good business systems that really FIT instead.