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Operations Wake Up Call! Help for Tough Times

Okay. You know it’s really bad out there when you hear “the best investor in the world,” Warren Buffet, proclaim the economy just fell off a cliff. Fortunately, in the next breath he went on to say that the tough times are temporary and America’s best days are still ahead.
Whether you’re an economic optimist or a pessimist, the critical question on everyone’s mind is: What are the best steps we can take right now to pull us through today and get us ready for the rebound?
This economic downturn is the ultimate wake-up call for everyone to get back to basics, and build leaner, more accountable, results-oriented operations no matter what. In good times, standardizing operations to improve performance and efficiency might seem like a “nice-to-have,” but in times like these, it’s a survival tool.
By refocusing on operations and eliminating waste you can gain a critical competitive boost so you can “out-tough” this lousy economy.