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Process Re-engineering: Think Big, Start Smart

We’d all like to be able to wave a magic wand and instantly streamline operations to turn our businesses into lean, mean, efficient machines. Economic pressures and thin margins are causing business owners and managers to step back and re-examine their businesses: Are we operating in the most cost-effective, streamlined way? Why are we wasting time, spinning our wheels?
With so many processes, people, and jobs, the idea of building a lean, efficient organization can be overwhelming. Sometimes its easier to break the big job down into smaller chunks. Think about improving organizational performance by making incremental improvements.
Try starting with just ONE business process. Re-engineering even a single Standardized procedure can deliver a quick payback.
Here’s a great example: One of our Zavanta customers, an IT consultant, took a highly complicated, error-prone data conversion procedure that took several days and people to perform and transformed it into a two-hour push-button procedure that anyone on the team could do.
Considering this data conversion task had to be performed every week, it is easy to see how the time savings would accumulate: week over week, month over month. The annual savings could be the tens of thousands of dollars!
And then there are all the intangible benefits of standardized procedures. Making routine tasks more efficient frees employees up to work on important things such as innovation. Less frustration; priceless. Getting the mundane on auto-pilot clears the mind and improves focus.
So think about your own organization. If you had to identify just one task that is problematic; people are spinning their wheels, lots of errors, what would it be?
To learn more about how you can build accountability into your organization and streamline operations, see the COMPROSE Operations Mapping approach and Zavanta software.