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The Secret to Implementing Change: Systemize your Business

Some of the common barriers to managing operational change include employee resistance, fear, lack of accountability, management “missing in action”… and the list goes on.
At COMPROSE we’ve had a lot of experience working with organizations that are rolling out new products, implementing new technology or undergoing a major change like a merger or downsizing. Any and all of these things have significantly changed how these organizations do business.
We especially hear a lot about the difficulties of managing and implementing change from companies struggling to streamline business processes and standardize operations. The barriers to change can bring important projects to a stand still and waste time and money. As one frustrated CIO succinctly put it “we have a lot of cutting- edge technology around here but it just sits on the shelf because no one has the time or know-how to really implement it.”
Sound familiar?
Are you afraid of implementing change because you don’t know how you’re going to re-cast your business processes and get everyone ramped up and onboard quickly enough?
Solving the problems of managing and adapting to change is one of the MAIN REASONS we invented Operations Mapping and Zavanta software. We’re passionate about applying a systematic, process-oriented approach to operations, because we’ve seen it work so often. We’ve also seen what doesn’t work. Without good systems, managing and implementing change can be a nightmare–the scrambling, the re-inventing the wheel, the slowness.
If you have the right kind of operational infrastructure in your operation, you can adapt and implement changes more quickly.
In future posts we’ll explore specific, practical tips for how to apply Operations Mapping in your own organization and build an “easy-to-tweak” operational infrastructure and mindset into your company that will enable you to implement change faster and more effectively.