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A Spatial Approach to Streamlining Operations


cubicle farms  “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Creating Productive and Supportive Office Space

At COMPROSE, we are all about streamlining operations to get the best possible performance.  Often that involves crafting clear SOPs and policies with Zavanta software.  But there are other factors including how you structure your office. Here are a few ideas to consider.
Creating a productive workspace has many variables. One of them is the use of space. A recent Forbes Magazine piece looks at Google’s “Nested Office” system. Designed based on anthropological research, Google creates teams of roughly 7 people which seems to be the magic number where people can be independent contributors, yet feel part of a team. It is small enough so a bad fit cannot slip through the cracks and the right size for collaboration.  This is definitely valuable insight in creating productive spaces that support individuals and teams.
Another article in Fast Company, “How (and Why) to Hack Your Office with iBeacons” looks at the use of technology to streamline how to find people and locations within your organization. If you have a complex layout or lots of space, iBecaons can be used to help visitors and employees get to the right place more quickly.
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