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Most Employees Waste Up to 40% of Their Training

No matter how good your corporate training programs and employee training methods, getting employees to apply what they learn is an ongoing challenge. A 2009  WallStreet Journal Business Insight Report cited the following sobering statistic,
“just 10% to 40% of training is ever used on the job, [and] it is clear that a big chunk of the tens of billions of dollars organizations spend annually on staff development is going down the drain.”
It doesn’t have to be that way.
Often anxiety and old habits  can cause employees to waste training and impair their ability to apply what they learned. Supporting employees “post-training” by reinforcing best practices is critical to preventing wasted training dollars. A powerful way to achieve this result is to base training on the foundation of standardized business processes and to provide clear, detailed procedures to employees 24/7. Easy-to-follow business systems provide the necessary “glue” that make corporate training more effective. Clear policies and procedures help employees apply their training better once they return to their day-to-day activities.
If you want to reduce the amount your employees waste training,  check out  these Success Stories from our clients using Zavanta SOP software and Operations Mapping to streamline training.