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The Gang is All Here

Every once in a while I will get an email from a client that I haven’t heard from in a bit inquiring if I am still working with Zavanta. And I get what is really behind that question. Clients are wondering if they can just pick up where they left off or are they going to have to explain everything from the beginning.
The answer is yes and more so, the core team is all still here. That includes our founder, Kathy Anton and other key team members responsible for the creation of Zavanta and the Operations Mapping Methodology some 25 years ago.
Most exciting is the recent, re-addition of John Lewis to our team as our Director of Technology. John has worked with COMPROSE since 1999 was the principal architect for the current version of Zavanta. For the past 5 years though, his role with us was that of consultant. After several years overseeing web development teams for Starbucks, Costco, and Providence Health, John is now back in a full time capacity.
What this really means for us here at Zavanta is that we are now all the better positioned to support our clients. We have always been known for our extensive knowledge of SOPs and Operations. But now, with John’s new role we are positioned all the more strongly technologically, especially with web/online interfaces and database design.  We are much more capable of supporting our enterprise clients with more complex environments and to continue to improve Zavanta as well.
It really is an amazing time at COMPROSE.  There is a lot of great stuff in the works. And that’s because, the gang is all here.
Jessica Covell
Process Trainer and Coach