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Operational Issues? Try Transparency. Got Something to Sell? Make It Easy

“Identify and share the “5 W’s” of company decisions. When business decisions are made — whether big or small — fill employees in on the details. If information is consistently withheld, it is difficult for employees to understand the strategy and trajectory of the company and their role within it. As such, their work can easily become misaligned or out of scope.”
– Andre Lavole, Entrepreneur Magazine.
“Regardless of what you’re selling and whom you’re selling it to, there is one thing that your customers want more than anything else: They want your product to be easy.”
–Geoffrey James, INC Magazine
Clarity. Transparency. Ease. There is a theme here, from running your business to selling your product or service at the end of the day your employees or your clients need to UNDERSTAND. This, of course, is much easier said than done. If you are looking at organizational issues, it requires the construction of a system that keeps people in the loop, lets them know where they fit in, and what the goals are. If you are focused on the client side it requires you to simplify both your product and your message. In both cases you need to grapple with the ideas, break them down, and truly understand them before you can make your product easy or your organization transparent.
“Easy” is hard work, its thought, its time. “Transparency” means management has to know what on earth is going on before they can share it. Communication is key, but seems to be the answer to many business challenges.
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