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"Wait, Do you Work Here?!?"

There are many reasons companies implement Zavanta SOP software, but at the top of the list is because that things have become operationally uncomfortable. A software package that doesn’t fit, a data entry structure that has become impossible to keep track of, systems put in place that once made sense but are now cumbersome and heavy, the list goes on. Where once they had a standard with a few work arounds, their days have become one giant work around and it’s exhausting. The mental time and energy employees should be putting into the Big Picture tasks get diverted into just making sure things don’t fall into the gaps.
Zavanta Coach, Jessica Covell see it all the time: “Chances are, if you share with me your point of pain I can tell you how that pain is manifesting itself. Employee turn over, morale issues, errors, miscommunications, data entry errors, if you share with me the input I can generally tell you the result. This leads to questions I am asked often, “Wait, how do you know that? Do you work here?” I have to confess that my ability to tell you that a complicated order entry scheme leads to data entry errors and makes people unhappy is really not all that magical. And moreover, it’s not uncommon. Operational issues manifest themselves in very similar ways regardless of the size of your company or the industry you are in, so the good news is you are in good company.
But you are also unique. A big piece of streamlining operations is determining what will work in the context of your organization. Can you replace that software that no longer fits? Great, then we can focus on creating content that supports the roll out of a new system that is a better fit. Are you keeping the current system? Ok, so where can we make adjustments so that you can minimize errors, free up bottle necks, and set employees up to do their jobs well? Who you are, what you do and what your goals are play a huge role in determining what solutions make the most sense.”