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Web-Enabled Policies and Procedures Employees Want to Use -- Video

If you still think of policies and procedures as boring “static company procedures manuals” that no one uses or wants to use, then it’s time to move into the 21st century!  Today, even small businesses are ditching their “old-fashioned manuals” for a more user-friendly, electronic browser approach.
But simply putting existing documents online or into a document management system “as is” is a big mistake. This approach may seem like the path of least resistance, but unfortunately it doesn’t work and will only frustrate your policy and procedure users.
A government agency contacted us recently citing various difficulties they were having with their policies and procedures across all departments.
“Putting MS Word documents online that were created for paper is not working. We want a better way.”
With a browser-based online P&Ps you can easily embed corporate training videos, audio podcasts, process maps, forms, and images into your policies and procedures, which makes them more engaging and even FUN to use!
Watch this video to learn how Zavanta software lets you create policies and procedures your employees will want to use.