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Write, Share, Manage SOPs -- The Core Functions

For people new to Zavanta software, understanding a few key concepts is the first step to success.  As part of our Getting Started Coaching and onboarding for new clients, I start at the very beginning.   Zavanta is a user-friendly software that helps you with SOPs. It helps with three core things.

It helps you:
  1. Write
  2. Share
  3. Manage
Writing and sharing tend to be the easiest parts. Writing clear, easy, policies and procedures is not hard. It may take a couple of drafts the first time, but creating quality content isn’t all that complicated. For the vast majority of clients, the hard part is making time to write. The sharing is also very straightforward. The Zavanta database system lets you slice and dice your policies and procedures however you need in order to share them in the way that makes the most sense. Manuals, single documents, printed or online making your content accessible is one of the biggest perks of the software. You can use Zavanta to build an SOP website, for those of us (and I raise my hand very high here) who are not technical, there is a small learning curve to making the website go, but then it’s up and running.
Now for the “manage” part, there are really two layers. Let’s call them the “Mechanical” side and the “Operational” side. The software handles the Mechanical side, like writing and sharing very easily. Again Zavanta is a database. Do you need to know what tasks the receptionist performs? No problem. You can run a full range of reports on your content to help you plan and manage your SOPs. It makes standardization really easy and formatting, well, you can if you want to, but it looks pretty great even if you don’t.
For most clients, it's figuring out the “Operational” side of mange that is the most time-consuming. How do we make time to write? Who will our authors be? Where do we start? What makes sense for us in terms of a review cycle? The software is a tool, it is a means to an end. Like all tools, it is how you use them that determines your outcome.