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Are you throwing money away writing policies and procedures no one uses? (Part 2)


How can you tell if your company’s policies and procedures are delivering business benefits?

To assess the business value you are getting from your Policy and Procedures ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Does everyone in the organization have easy visibility on how things are done at all levels?
  2. Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined?
  3. Are work processes repeatable?
  4. Is it easy to shift people from location to location?
  5. Can your policies and procedures support operations as well as address multiple compliance requirements?
  6. Is best practices knowledge still in peoples’ heads?
  7. Are your “experts” overwhelmed by people constantly asking them for help?
  8. Are training costs too high? Is it taking too long to get a new employee productive?
  9. Is new employee training taking too much supervisor time?
  10. Are managers spending too much time fighting fires, dealing with mundane issues, instead of mentoring employees and focusing on innovation?
Unless you can say YES to questions 1-5 and NO to questions 6-10 you are NOT getting the business benefits you should be from your company’s policies and procedures.
Future posts delve into ways you can stop wasting time and money and start driving better business outcomes.
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