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The Streamlined Business Blog is all about getting—and keeping—Operations Under Control by implementing good business systems, processes, and standard operating procedures. Our staff experts blog regularly on a range of topics including: Operations Mapping approaches, systems-based management, standardizing operations, calculating costs and ROI for systems improvements and a whole lot more.

Employee Training

Most Employees Waste Up to 40% of Their Training

No matter how good your corporate training programs and employee training methods, getting employees to apply what they learn is an ongoing challenge. A 2009 WallStreet Journal Business Insight Report cited the following sobering statistic, “just 10% to 40% of training is ever used on the job, [and] it is clear that a big chunk […] READ MORE

Create a Delegation System (Part 2:)

As they say, the first step towards solving a problem is recognizing you have a problem. Stuck in your routine you may be “blind” to what’s limiting you and solutions that might exist. With the New Year just ahead, its a perfect time for the following quick exercise to help you streamline business processes and […] READ MORE

Create a Delegation System (Part 3:)

Even if you’ve only identified one thing you need to get off your plate, its time to get to work on it and figure out how you can either get rid of it or delegate it. Now, don’t get me wrong, there “may” be things you truly CANNOT delegate. You may think you don’t have […] READ MORE

Is “Layoff the Layoffs” Good Advice?

Is it me or is it reality that in this economic crisis the conversation about “streamlining” always seems to lead back to job slashing. I’m watching a TV debate as a write this post about layoffs and how some executives have different ideas. It seems that the knee-jerk reaction to bad times is cutting headcount. […] READ MORE

Systemization does not stifle innovation, it empowers it!

Picking up on a previous post, we find that many people find the idea of “systemization” scary until they understand how it can help them. Some believe systemization stifles creativity and innovation or say that certain functions or businesses cannot be systemized. Many fear the Hal scenario from 2001: A Space Odyssey where humans become […] READ MORE

Manage the “Human Factor” to Overcome Change Resistance–Under-Communicating

According to Mike Aroney’s article, The Non-Technial Side of Reliability, the second most common error organizations fall into when trying to overcome change resistance is Under-Communicating. They focus on the technical side and forget the all important Human factor. “Typically, technical problem-solvers underestimate the value of communicating information to the organization. . . . In […] READ MORE


Research Shows Streamlining Procedures Best Way to Reduce Operations Errors

What’s the most important factor in reducing task errors? Employee Skills? Training Methods? or the “System” itself (aka steps used to perform the task)? An interesting research study carried out by Michael Byrne of Rice University and Elizabeth Davis of the University of Texas overturns many common assumptions about employee training methods and performance improvement. […] READ MORE

Do “Unwritten Rules” Undermine Your Business?

Whether you have an official Operations Manual or not, the people in your organization apply policies and procedures everyday to guide decisions and complete their work. You might ask, Why bother to write down standard operating procedures and policies and make them “official”? Many organizations don’t. They operate by “unwritten rules,” informal policies and procedures […] READ MORE

It’s Never the Employee. It’s Your System

We ran across this very interesting post on a NY Times small businesss blog called It’s Never the Employee and thought we’d share. Here are some key points: “To those who complained that employees were coming to them with simple problems to be solved, had the employees been given training on options to solve those kinds of problems? No.” […] READ MORE

Not Your Father’s SOPs

Think SOPs are boring and just a waste of time? Does creating and updating SOPs always tend to get backburnered at your company because every time you think of SOPs you think of the static, dust-collecting company procedures manual sitting on a shelf somewhere? If so, it’s time to leave old-fashioned models and thinking behind! […] READ MORE

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