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Debunking the Myth: Good People Do Not Make Organizations Great

One of the biggest myths that confound many otherwise genius executives is the belief that “All we have to do is hire the very best people we can find and get out of their way. That’s what will make our organization excel.” WRONG! It’s not that simple. Good people clearly offer huge benefits to an organization, but the cold, hard reality is that bad systems trump great people every time, every day, all across the globe. Good systems are key and high-performing organizations know that.
Good Systems + Great People = Extraordinary Organizations

Good Systems + Good People = Successful Organizations
Bad or Confusing Systems + Good people = Frustration, Burnout and Turnover
Bad or Confusing Systems + Not So Good People = Disaster!
Good systems support even average workers and help them succeed, but confusing, conflicting, or broken systems will drive even the most talented and hard-working people to under perform—and often drive the best and brightest first to distraction and then to leave. Revolving door turnover is a classic symptom of the unempowered, unsystemized organization. However, good systems and high performance go hand in hand. High-performers are always looking for ways to eliminate wasted time, money and inefficiencies in the way they work. They look at the system as a whole and search for ways to make it function better.

If you want to create a truly “world class” organization you need to create good systems to support your great people. That’s the foundation of everything we do at COMPROSE from our Operations Mapping method of standardizing operations to our Zavanta software for writing policies and procedures, our process coaching and our educational webinars.