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Manage the “Human Factor” to Overcome Change Resistance–Competing Initiatives

The third most common error organizations fall into when trying to overcome change resistance, according to Mike Aroney’s article, “The Non-Technical Side of Reliability,” is Competing Initiatives.
Competing initiatives is a classic problem especially when it comes to multiple compliance, regulatory and quality initiatives. Many of them overlap and compete for the same resources. Competing initiatives increase complication and confusion.
At COMPROSE we see this all the time as we work with organizations who are seeking to streamline business processes and clarify their business systems. One of the early benefits of the Operations Mapping approach is that it helps organizations identify areas of competing agendas and redundancies. One problem we often find is information “silos” pop up. Operations teams, compliance teams, quality teams, and corporate training programs are all separately involved in writing policies and procedures and maintaining redundant sets of documentation. As a result, there is no consistency or standardization and lot of redundant effort and cost.
By completing Operations Mapping analysis and standardizing on Zavanta software our client organizations can drastically cut down on the impact of competing initiatives and break down the barriers that are preventing positive change.