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Got too much on your plate! – Create a Delegation System (Part 1)

Too much to do? Try delegation - imageDoes it seem like you never get to the really strategic, important things in your business because you’re so busy? Are you stuck doing things you know you really shouldn’t be doing just because no one else can do them or you don’t have a way to delegate? If you find yourself repeatedly saying “I’ve got too much on my plate” you’re not alone.
You may feel resigned to this kind of existence and think the only way out is to work harder and longer. Not so! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Trust me. I know. I too was stuck but found a way out. And our company, benefited greatly. In fact, that’s really an understatement. Our sales more than doubled! You see, I was responsible for corporate sales but was spending too much time on things I really shouldn’t’t have been doing and not enough time on the strategic big picture.

What was my solution? HINT: It has to do with “systemizing” and standardizing operations. You’ll soon understand why I’m a bit passionate about this topic! In the next two posts I’ll share some tips I’ve learned as well as the secret and power of delegation as a way to streamline business processes and get more done.

We’d love to hear about your “too much on my plate” issues as well as any tips and breakthroughs you’d like to share.