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COMPROSE Brings Policy and Procedure Communication Into the 21st Century With Its Newly Released Zavanta Online Cloud software

COMPROSE Inc. announced the roll-out release of its new cloud-based software for policies and procedures, Zavanta Online. Based on the popular desktop version, Zavanta Online enables organizations to get key know-how out of heads and into a practical, knowledge system employees want to use. Employees have secure, private 24/7 access to the latest best practices, policies, standard operating procedures, and FAQs from any device with a browser. Zavanta auto-generates a highly engaging online experience that makes the traditional manual extinct.

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Zavanta® SOP Software v. 7.0 with Microsoft Active Directory® Integration Now in Full Release

COMPROSE, Inc today announced Zavanta SOP software v. 7.0. In addition to other enhancements, this release features integration with Active Directory for single login. Because Zavanta’s User Manager allows very tight and granular control of functional and content access, administrators can confidently extend usage to large numbers of employees throughout the organization.

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Link to Quality Digest Live video
Quality Digest Features COMPROSE article: “SOPs: Powerful Tools or Colossal Waste of Time” on their Web Digest and Live Show

COMPROSE’s article is featured in the April 24, 2014 edition of Quality Digest as well as on their weekly show “QUALITY DIGEST Live”. So are SOPs a waste of time? In the article we answer this question and share proven tips for how to significantly gain more business value from your SOPs and operations manuals.

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Zavanta® SOP Software v. 6.0 with Read/Verify Module Now in Full Release

COMPROSE, Inc today announced Zavanta SOP software v. 6.0 with Read/Verify features is available in Full Release. This new feature makes it easy for employees to electronically verify when they have read and understood company policies and updates, and companies can easily track and report on verifications for regulatory compliance and HR purposes.

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As Affordable Care Act Exchanges Ramp Up, More Private Medical Practices and Clinics Look to Zavanta Software to Update Their Standard Operating Procedures

As new Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges begin opening for enrollment, many private medical practices and clinics are scrambling to update their standard operating procedures and policies and re-train their staff as they prepare to adapt to new plan providers and requirements. Many are looking to Zavanta software from COMPROSE Inc to help them meet this challenge and achieve other operations goals.

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Learning to Create Good SOPs Just Got Easier for Zavanta Software Users – COMPROSE Launches New “Watch and Learn” Video Gallery

COMPROSE, Inc today announced the October launch of a new “Watch and Learn” Video Gallery to help both new and experienced Zavanta software users learn best practices and explore the many features Zavanta provides to create and manage effective processes, standard operating procedures, and policies.

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Now It’s Easy To Verify Employees Read and Sign-Off On Policies and SOPs–Zavanta® Software Will Offer Read/Verify Module in Upcoming Release

COMPROSE, Inc today announced the addition of a Read/Verify module in the upcoming Fall release of its popular Zavanta SOP software. Employees can easily verify electronically that they have read and understood company policies and updates, and companies can easily track and report on verifications for regulatory compliance and HR purposes.

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Studies Show Multimedia Helps Employees Better Understand and Remember Standard Operating Procedures – COMPROSE Weighs in with New Tip Sheet

Research in Memory Science explains how combining text instructions with pictures, sound and video significantly improves performance results for Standard Operating Procedures. New Tip Sheet from COMPROSE explains how to get better SOP results by applying this research

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Challenged to Update Standard Operating Procedures and Policies Before January 2014 CFPB Deadline, Financial Institutions Looking to ZAVANTA Software for Help

Facing the January 2014 deadline to comply with new regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), US financial institutions especially non-depository institutions, mortgage companies, and debt collection companies are scrambling to update their standard operating procedures and policies and re-train their staff. More and more are adopting Zavanta software from COMPROSE Inc to help them meet this challenge and other operations goals.

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5 Reasons Every Company Needs Good Standard Operating Procedures – Newest Whitepaper from COMPROSE Inc.

In today’s economy, organizations need to maximize every dollar, but too many companies overlook how implementing good standard operating procedures (SOPs) benefits their bottom line and so fail to apply proven tactics. This new whitepaper from COMPROSE Inc. outlines 5 important reasons every company needs good SOPs and uncovers some common myths about SOPs and the bottom line.

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Good Standard Operating Procedures Reduce Errors, Streamline Training – New COMPROSE Video Now Featured on Explains How

Good standard operating procedures (sops) are essential for effective quality management, but too many companies throw money down a black hole on sops their employees can’t understand and won’t use. A new video from comprose inc. Featured on explains how companies can create sops that streamline operations, keep employees trained at a lower cost, and also support ISO 9000, Six Sigma, ITIL, and more.

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Zavanta Software Automates Standard Operating Procedures Review and Approval Workflow with 5.0 Release

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) review and approval process is streamlined with COMPROSE’s Zavanta software 5.0 release. Zavanta now puts common SOP management tasks such as review workflow, sign-off approval and email notification on autopilot.

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Replicating Success: ZAVANTA® Software Helps University of Miami’s Launch Pad Clone Successful Venture Coaching Program

The University of Miami’s nationally recognized entrepreneurial resource center, The Launch Pad, recently credited COMPROSE’s Zavanta® software with helping them rapidly clone the best practices of their highly effective venture coaching program so others can replicate its success. Using Zavanta Launch Pad staff captured their unique operations guidelines and best practices in a way that is easy to understand, train and share. The Launch Pad has already spawned two successful spin offs in recent months—at Wayne State University and Walsh College in the Detroit Area—and is attracting interest from universities nationwide seeking to foster entrepreneurship and new job creation.

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Banking Industry User Group Shares Best Practices for Standardizing Branch Operation Policies and Procedures

In a first of its kind User Web Conference, Zavanta software users representing banks, credit unions and financial services companies from across the U.S. shared solutions and best practices for standardizing operations policies and procedures. Attendees also shared insights on industry challenges including regulatory compliance, auditor feedback, accessibility and information security.

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Video: Afraid What Would Happen at Your Office if You Took a Day Off?

Entertaining video from COMPROSE Inc shows the chaos that results when key employees leave the office and their replacements don’t know how to do the simple everyday tasks that keep the office operating.

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Get Operations Under Control – COMPROSE Launches The Streamlined Business

A faster, smarter way to streamline operations. In today’s economy everyone is looking to streamline and get lean and mean. Having good systems and standards is essential. So, how do you systemize your business?

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