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Bad Flu Season Highlights Business Continuity Plans

Experts are becoming increasingly worried about the upcoming Flu Season. Banking and Financial Services will be impacted along with schools, the government, and the economy at large. What if half your workforce calls in sick?
Check out this article from Bank Info Security, “Pandemic Planning: Beyond ‘Checkbox’ Compliance.” It offers some good insight for everyone, not just Banks and Financial institutions.
This quote in particular from business continuity experts Harry Rhulen points out why having your detailed business “system” clearly documented is absolutely critical to managing emergency situations like a Flu epidemic could pose:
“What any organization needs to do, if they would like to have a truly implementable, actionable communicable illness plan, is they need to do an analysis of how their business works. What products come into their business? What happens when they are there? What goes out?” — Harry Rhulen, Bank Info Security, July 31, 2009
Capturing your organization's detailed business systems–including processes, procedures, and work instructions– is not just about checking a box to satisfy the compliance officer, or even just about improving operational performance under normal conditions.
Standardizing operations and streamlining business processes are the things that will allow you to keep operating effectively when nothing is normal. H1N1 virus or not now is the time to get your business systems in order so that whatever happens, your organization will remain operational.
Find out how the COMPROSE Operations Mapping method and Zavanta software can help.