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Create user-friendly Policies & Procedures that work with Microsoft SharePoint ®


Now it’s even easier to integrate Zavanta® Policy and Procedure software with MS SharePoint®

There are hundreds of products on the market for “managing” content. MS SharePoint is one that has been adopted by many organizations. But it doesn’t address the complete knowledge transfer life cycle.   Zavanta software gives organizations an easy way to capture processes, policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs)and link them together. Authors use Zavanta’s built-in wizard to create content, then Zavanta automatically generates a fully-indexed web portal that can be published anywhere, including MS SharePoint. Employees have instant access to the latest operational know-how and best practices, 24/7.
The website generated from Zavanta fits seamlessly into a SharePoint Portal and Team site and is compatible with any SharePoint version including on-premise and Office 365 Cloud installations. COMPROSE’s implementation guide answers common questions and shows how in just a few minutes this is set up.
Any organization needing a better policy / SOP solution and that owns MS SharePoint really should look at this solution. Our clients love this integration because it lets them leverage their investment and the strength of both tools. They use Zavanta for what it’s best at — content creation and maintenance — and then use SharePoint as the single, secure repository. There is no additional learning curve because employees can use the same interface to access policies and procedures that they use for all other corporate communication. Zavanta-generated websites are also compatible with SharePoint’s search engine,”   says COMPROSE R&D Manager.
As policies and procedures change, Zavanta automatically keeps the web portal – including all the indexes — within SharePoint updated. There is no need to do anything manually. Once this is set up, Zavanta’s automation takes over.
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