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Standardize Best Practices

When you have developed a winning system that’s getting great results, it’s time to clone it and multiply your success.
That’s just what COMPROSE’s Zavanta software recently helped The University of Miami’s nationally recognized entrepreneurial resource center, The Launch Pad, achieve. Zavanta played an integral role in The Launch Pad’s successful initiative to clone and license its innovative venture coaching program which helps students explore and launch new ventures while they are still in school before they have mortgages and full-time jobs.
Launch Pad staff credited COMPROSE’s Zavanta software with helping them rapidly clone the best practices of their highly-successful program so that others could replicate its success. In just two years, The Launch Pad has become a magnet for students who want to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. So far it has received nearly 500 venture ideas from students and alumni resulting in 45 new businesses formed. This track record of success, especially in this climate of shrinking jobs and high unemployment, makes The Launch Pad’s program a perfect candidate for cloning.
If you want to capture and standardize best practices — make your operation or business more “turnkey” — we can show you how to build a web-enabled system that you can manage with and train from. Learn about the method: Operations Mapping, learn about a specialized software tool: Zavanta.