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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough . . . Think Forward?

A previous post, “Is Layoff the Layoffs Good Advice?” explored the downside of the knee-jerk reaction many businesses take to negative economic news and the long-term consequences of that approach.

This thought from the article “Surviving economic downturn with talent” offers a similar spin on that topic from Ceridian, HR and Corporate Training experts from “across the Pond” in the UK.
“. . . Organisations need to ensure they have a pipeline of talent ready and waiting for when times improve. Forward thinking employers will seize the opportunity a business downturn offers to strengthen the talent pool.”

They also say:
“A carefully thought out learning and development (L&D) strategy sends a powerful signal in a crisis and acts as a great motivator.”

While everyone else is running around claiming the sky is falling, successful, tough-minded businesses are looking forward. It’s fair to say that no matter how bad things might be today, they won’t stay that way forever.
That’s why one of the best things you can do in times like these is to create an Operations Map of your organization to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies. Then you can finally standardize operations by writing policies and procedures that truly reflect the very best practices for getting things done. Not only will this help your business right now to weather the economic storm by becoming lean and efficient—you will be ready to rapidly scale back up again when times improve.