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Systems Work! How standardizing operations in Sales paid off big

BusinessWeek’s SmallBiz magazine offered another example of how standardizing operations and streamlining business processes really works. As the CEO of Sales 2.0, puts it, “. . . sales need to be managed just like any other business function. . . . It’s not black magic and backslapping!”
The case story describes how V12 Group ended their “scattershot approach” and put in a “formal process for each step in the sales cycle.” Outlining procedures for each step was the key to giving the team direction and focusing reps on best practices that boosted sales.
They reported a 179% increase in the value of their pipeline after implementing a standardized business process!
The OTHER great thing about this story? They got results despite initial “pushback.” Many companies don’t see the results they could have from systemization and standardizing operations because they don’t persevere. Too often the “Naysayers” prevail and the company stays mired in the “same old, same old.” Stuck with less than stellar results. Well, if that sounds like your company, here’s some inspiration. Stick it out. The results speak for themselves.
We’ve seen it over and over again with our Operations Mapping and Zavanta software clients. For some more inspiration, check out their stories on our website.