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Thanksgiving Dinner for 30? No Problem When You've Got a Good System!

How seriously do we take streamlining systems at COMPROSE? You be the judge. Some of us were just discussing our Thanksgiving plans over lunch and we had to laugh. Seems like standardizing operations is a way of life around here and it doesn’t stop when we leave the building.
One of our group commented that Thanksgiving has become her favorite holiday because it almost goes like clockwork: “everyone has a job, and everyone does their job.” Without thinking about it, she said. “We’ve got a system!” And we all had to laugh.
But the “streamlining” prize has to go to another member of the team, who hosts dinner every year for as many as 30 at a time—and has a blast. How does she do it? Streamlining. She’s such a believer in systems she applied the Operations Mapping approach to Thanksgiving Dinner and even mapped out a procedure using Zavanta. “We’ve got it on LOCK!” she says. Dinner with all the trimmings and plenty of time for socializing and football!
With Thanksgiving dinner “on lock,” now we need to “systemize” bargain shopping on the Friday after!
Good systems pay big dividends—sometimes in unexpected places. Share your own “good systems” confessions. What’s your favorite way to keep Thanksgiving dinner “on lock” and navigate the malls? Do you have a system?
We’ll check back in a couple of days. Hope your holiday is one for the record books!