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Become a Partner

Comprose partners with top service providers, consulting firms, and software providers to enhance their capabilities and provide an end-to-end solution for their customers. Join us as we close the policy and procedure gap in security, regulatory, compliance, and business services. 

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Why Partner with Comprose?

  • Earn recurring revenue through referrals, reselling, or managed services.
  • Build a competitive advantage and add more value to customers.
  • Access to Comprose’s network of customers and partners with similar goals.
  • Experience support and resources from a dedicated Comprose partnerships team. 

Comprose Partner Types

Strategic Partner | Reseller Partner | Referral Partner

Strategic Partner

Combine or integrate Comprose solutions with another solution or service in two or more ways:

  • Resell or bundle complementary services and products.
  • Provide exclusive services to add value to shared customers.
  • Provide full post-sales support and services to joint customers.
  • Refer your clients and prospects to us and we do the rest.
  • Integrate a solution with Comprose solutions so shared customers can leverage both seamlessly.    
Comprose strategic partner

Reseller Partner

Sell Comprose solutions and provide pre-sale technical assistance aligned with your current business model.

Comprose handles post-sales support and services once a client is licensed.

Reseller Examples:

  • SaaS companies with the same target market.
  • Business Process Outsourcing Providers.
  • Service providers that can benefit from leveraging Zavanta to deliver client services. 
Comprose Reseller Partner

Referral Partner

Refer clients and prospects to us and we do the rest.

Earn commissions for each successful customer converted through your referral.

Referral Partner Examples:

  • Consultants who can add value to their services by leveraging Comprose solutions.
  • Technical writers, auditors, trainers, process consultants, and freelancers. 
Comprose Referral Partner

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